For Some of us: Squatting is not an option
A Solution
* Back problems
* Previous joint replacement surgery
* Use of walking aids like canes, etc.
* Neurologic and balance problems

It's not necessary to avoid Asia completely: Just be prepared--We will show you how
Women and Asian Rest Rooms:

"P-mates" are excellent. They fit against the female anatomy with almost a perfect seal, and allow the stream to be directed even while standing up. In fact it is possible to use them in a forest behind a large tree. If a woman wears a pair of pants with a standard fly, it is even possible to use P-mates without sliding down one's pants.

It's time travel writers started to take the needs of women, especially older ones more seriously.  You can find out about them here:

Note about the author: The author is a retired physician  who has faced his share of "forgettable" restrooms